Luxury interior design

Beautiful and luxury residential spaces that connect with our clients

We have a real skill is in getting under our clients' skin and creating luxury, contemporary spaces that connect with them. 

Every home we design is completely different and built around each client's budget, design taste and functionality requirements. But there is definitely a common thread: planned schemes which are beautiful, personal and have meticulous attention to detail. And we have also become famous for mastering colour and texture. 

So many firms fall into the trap of repeating the same blank, anonymous and soul-less white and grey canvases which are trying to appeal to everyone but actually don't appeal to anyone. Our name Ensoul was no accident, as we set out to deliver all of our clients homes that are truly different and have a soul. We are masters at using bold colours and textures confidently and bringing homes to life in a very sophisticated way. And we always try to get personal. With smart use of images, colours, fabrics and sometimes text, we can evoke memories with you or link to your personal interests, sometimes in a subtle way such as a piece of art, furniture, or use of fabrics; other times by indulging a particular interest such as a shoe room, wine cellar or endless pool. 

Bespoke shoe storage and luxury furnishings

There are hundreds and thousands of items required for each and every house renovation or refurbishment which can be very overwhelming. 

We enjoy sourcing and buying every single one of them and work with a combination of the biggest design names through to local artisans both in the UK and abroad to fulfil every requirement. 

How we work:

Our architectural, interior and space designers work hand in hand to create a cohesive design for your property. We will show you a combination of sketches, plans, images of architectural features, mood boards and samples to discuss and agree the look of your property. 

This will incorporate:

  • glazing
  • kitchens
  • sanitary ware
  • colour and paint schemes
  • detailed bespoke joinery such as wardrobes, TV units and all built-in furniture
  • floorings
  • wall coverings
  • tiling
  • lighting
  • fireplaces and fires
  • fabrics
  • grass
  • decking
  • trees, plants and landscaping

Then we will prepare an incredibly detailed list of products and materials to source and budget and work with our project management team on a time schedule for when every item needs to be delivered to site.


We can complete your transformation by sourcing and buying in all of your furnishings and accessories including: furniture, window treatments, bed linen, towels and bathroom accessories, cushions, throws, rugs, lamps, artwork, decorative accessories for shelves and tables, plants, flowers, toys, books and more.

As well as working on big transformational projects, our Interior Designer & Creative Directors are available for spot design days if you would like help with:

  • Space design
  • Creating a look for a property
  • Designing particular rooms e.g. kitchens, cinema rooms, gyms
  • Personal shopping
  • Styling a property for sale

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