Space design

It's a real art to get your space to feel good

Space design is critical to how you, your family and friends experience your home. It's the difference between flowing and functioning well or frustrating you every single day with awkward routes and poor positioning. And its about every space feeling comfortable and even luxuriant. Not cramped or hemmed in. 

Every space and interior design solution we provide is very personal and tailor made to your life and your home, and everything is thought through in meticulous detail. When we design a project we consider everything. Not just how and where to lay-out your living rooms, bedrooms and other accommodation, but also how to connect the spaces; where to feature empty space and where to fill it; how high to put ceiling heights in basements and extensions; where to put furniture within rooms; where to position light switches, power sockets and control panels. The decisions of where all these things go all affect how you move through a space and what your experience of it is. And it's all very personal.


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